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Start Your Electrical Maintenance Checklist Today

A lot of people are somewhat familiar with a small amount of basic electrical knowledge, like how to flip a breaker and the fact that electricity and water don’t mix. However, there is a lot more you might not know about. Keeping your home electrical system in good working order all year long requires your attention to many different parts and components. For example, do you know what AFCI and GFCI outlets are? Do you know what whole-house surge protection is and how to get it? Did you know that there are literally hundreds of deaths, thousands of serious injuries, and billions of dollars in damage caused every year by a sheer lack of basic electrical safety knowledge?

Why not start your spring or fall cleaning regimen with the important task of starting a maintenance checklist?

Maintenance Checklist for Electrical Safety

Here are a few items to start your checklist and get you on the right track:

Check light switches and outlets to ensure that they’re all working properly, don’t have a burnt smell, and don’t make any noises. Check extension cords to ensure they’re only being used temporarily and are both UL rated and undamaged. Test all GFCIs and AFCIs and ensure that all outlets have them where needed.

Test carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke detectors to ensure they’re in good working order and have new batteries. Check electrical appliances to ensure they’re clean, have no frayed or damaged cords, have proper ventilation, etc. Check your electrical panel to ensure it’s properly labeled and has no tripping circuit breakers.

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Electrical Safety in Eugene, OR

Eugene is one of the most popular and beautiful places to live in the Pacific Northwest. The people are friendly and the weather is beautiful most of the year. During the winter, however, there are heavy rains, which can affect your electrical system if it isn’t in good condition. That’s why a maintenance checklist is so important all year-round. And, the best place to start is with your checklist for electrical safety.

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