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Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee
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" Excel Electric came out within the hour, after calling that same day! I haven't had good luck or had good business experiences before today. With Excel Electric, I was treated as an equal. The two guys they sent out were professional, fast, and efficient! I recommend this company to anyone who needs electrical work done correctly. I'm very pleased with my experience, and intend to tell all my house owner friends about this company! Thank you! -Amanda"
Brenda Lilley
Brenda Lilley
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" Chris came over within 45 minutes of my call. He sourced the problem and fixed it right away. He checked all the panels, checked the hot water heater and made it right ag as in. I would recommend Excel Electric to anyone. Great service!! "
Jancy Schrader
Jancy Schrader
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" We have used Excel Electric on several residential projects now. They are professional, and very knowledgeable in their trade. Highly recommend. "
Cassia Zeller
Cassia Zeller
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" Our company has used Excel Electric for multiple projects and every experience has been first-rate. Chris is responsive, communicative, and his team is professional. Excel epitomizes the meaning of remarkable customer service. They work hard for the client, which has solidified them as our go-to company for all of our electrical needs. Would highly recommend! "
Brent Provost
Brent Provost
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" Excel was Excel-lent. They recently completed a somewhat smaller job for me. Unlike many contractors they 1: answered the phone! (So important!) 2: Chris was quick on his follow ups 3: The crew showed up on time if not a little early 4: even though it was a smaller job, they treated it with professionalism. The quality of the work and the materials they used were exactly what i was looking for. And 5: when i need help with electric in the future, Excel will be my first call "

Security Lighting installation in Eugene, OR

Security lighting installation in Eugene, OR provides a deterrent to criminal activity in and around your home or business. It increases your feeling of safety. There are many studies done at schools and businesses around the country that prove that security lighting at night reduces outdoor crimes by more than a third. Excel Electric electricians are professionally trained to plan and execute customized security lighting solutions for both residential and business property. 

Different Kinds of Security Lights

Floodlights, LED lights, pressurized sodium vapor lights, high intensity lights. These are some of the varieties of security lights. They can be motion activated. This means, if an intruder is sneaking around your house, the lights will automatically turn on. This type of lighting is usually from incandescent bulbs because it needs to turn on instantly. Flood lights in Eugene, OR and other types of lights can be set to turn on when someone walks past. These lights are also convenient for you because if you need to go into your front or backyard at night, the lights will automatically turn on. If you arrive home late at night, the lights will turn on when you pull into your driveway.

Indoor security lights are also a good way to deter intruders. Timers make the house look occupied by turning on and off lights, TVs or radios when no one is at home. They can even be used when you are at home if you happen to be alone. For example, they can be programmed to turn on a kitchen light for 20 minutes then turn it off and turn on a living room or bedroom light for a pre-set number of minutes. The blue, flickering light of a TV is a good sign that someone is home. 

Electrical Services

Call Excel electric today for Security lighting in Eugene, OR: (541) 234-8864!

Advantages of the Right Type of Security Lighting

There are many factors involved in the type of security lights you need. Advanced planning is the key, and there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Our professional electricians examine your property and provide customized solutions for the best plan for overall safety. This includes making sure the circuit from the electrical source to the light is protected from malicious tampering.

Some flood lights in Eugene, OR actually help intruders because of the way they are installed. They produce glare that obstructs the vision of security guards or police because they are pointed in the wrong direction. This is why it’s important to have a trained security light expert plan and install the system.

LED lights have become very popular mainly because of their low electrical consumption compared to incandescent and other types of lights. LED lights have a long lifespan and are available in a wide color spectrum. The low wattage provides very bright light.

Low-pressure sodium lamps are only yellow. This tends to make the lighted area lack color differentiation. High-pressure sodium vapor lamps are more commonly used because they produce a light-yellow color.

Don’t Postpone Installing Security Lights

Security lighting around your house can increase your safety by adding brightness to darkened areas around your property.  Security lights will

  • Clear shadows where troublemakers can hide. If there are no dark corners where someone can hide and plan to break and enter, they will move on.
  • Allow clear vision of your house for a neighborhood watch.
  • Increase your property value The lights are an investment in the resale value of your home.
  • Deter animals such as raccoons and skunks. Animals that prowl around at night will be scared off by motion-sensor lights and not stray into well-lit yards. This is especially useful if you live near a woodland area.
  • Make your property aesthetically pleasing. Our electricians can plan a beautiful outdoor living space with security lights so that you can enjoy your backyard in the evenings.

At Excel Electric, we will give you a free, affordable estimate for a customized plan or security lighting repair in Eugene, OR that will add safety and security to your home. Contact us today at (541) 234-8864.

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