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Does your home need a professional electrical contractor in Eugene, OR? Are you a business owner looking to upgrade your property with code compliant electrical upgrades? Whether its an outlet repair or a whole system installation, Excel Electric has you covered. Contact us today for professional and reliable electrical services in the Willamette Valley: (541) 234-8864!

Electrician in Eugene, OR

A lot of people who own homes or businesses only need an electrician every once in a while. However, when the need arises, you want someone who you can trust. When you need an electrician, you should talk to us. We are an electrical company that’s committed to providing you with quality service every time. We have a reputation for providing quality service in the Eugene, OR area, so you don’t have to worry about coming up short when you need an electrician. Instead, simply call Excel Electric to get quick and reliable service.

Commercial Services

When you need a commercial electrician in Eugene, OR that can take care of your business, we are the company to call. Businesses, including retail spaces, repair shops, manufacturing plants, and plenty of other buildings, need quality light sources so that customers can shop and employees can do their work safely and efficiently. Whether you need to light a huge shopping center or a small office building, we’re able to help you with the lighting projects that are most important for the running of your business.

We also do many other electrical projects for commercial spaces. If you’re a business that needs to operate heavy machinery, you need the electrical capacity to do that. We have the electrical service in Eugene, OR to make that happen for you.


Eugene’s Top Rated Electricians and Installation

No job is too big or too small for our licensed and dedicated team. Check out a few of the most common customer requests receive below or click to see our full list:

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Generator Repair and Installation

When you live in an area where there are a lot of storms, you’re going to want generator installation in Eugene, OR for when the weather turns bad. You never know when the power can turn off because of a storm, and you need to be prepared to handle the worst. A storm may cause power outages for hours or even days, and you don’t want to have to sit in the dark that entire time.

That’s why you want to get either an automatic or portable generator. An automatic generator will turn on for a specific amount of time when the power is out in your home. If you get a portable generator, you’ll need to wheel it out and plug it into an outlet to power your Eugene, OR house.

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Code Compliant electrical upgrades

If you own a home that you’ve been in for decades or even only a few years, it’s very possible that it’s no longer up to code. If you’re selling your home or will simply doing renovations, you’re going to need to find ways to bring your house up to code so that you can sell it and be in compliance with the law.

If you want to cut out the hassle of failing a building inspection, you should talk to an electrician in Eugene, OR. You can have an electrician do a compliance and code upgrade in Eugene, OR so that you save yourself the hassle and time, which can be an important asset when you’re trying to move forward with other plans.

That’s why you want to get either an automatic or portable generator. An automatic generator will turn on for a specific amount of time when the power is out in your home. If you get a portable generator, you’ll need to wheel it out and plug it into an outlet to power your Eugene, OR house.

learn more about our code compliance and electrical upgrades >>>

LED Lighting

LED lighting can add a lot of benefits to the experience that you have in your home or the experience that your customers have every time they enter your store. While many fixtures can easily use LED bulbs, some older fixtures might not be the right size. Some rooms may not have enough fixtures at all. In cases like these, we offer electrical service in Eugene, OR to update a room or several rooms in your home. Our LED lighting services can be a great way to add some light and ambiance to a dim basement or a spare room that has old wiring.

We can do the updates and additions that you need to add beautiful and functional LED lighting in Eugene, OR to any room. Whether you want an overhead light in an outdated living room or have found that you don’t have nearly enough lighting in your kitchen to see what you’re cooking, we can help you. We also do LED lighting in commercial and retail spaces.

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electrical panel repair and replacement

If your electrical panel is old or you’re just out of panel switches, you need to have an electrician you trust to go to your house and take care of it. When the demands for electricity begin to outweigh the panel’s ability to supply it, you may suffer a variety of problems, including flickering lights. An outdated electrical panel can even be a source of electrical fires, and a panel repair or replacement in Eugene, OR can make your home safer. 

Updating an electrical box that’s no longer adequate for the needs of your home or is simply too old should be at the top of your priority list. You should call an experienced electrical contractor in Eugene, OR to help you fix it. The right electrician in Eugene, OR can expand the capacity of your electrical panel and make it safe again.

learn more about our electrical panel repair and replacement services >>>

EV Charger Installation

Many people are deciding that an electric vehicle is the right option for them, which means the need for EV charging stations is on the rise. Having electrical charging stations across the city helps, and when businesses install them in their parking lots for their guests, it’s even more encouraging for people to purchase electric cars.

There are many benefits to having an electric car, such as lower costs to powering the vehicle and even a smoother ride. People who are interested in getting an electric car should get an EV charging station installation in Eugene, OR.

We have charging station installation experts that can figure out what kind of charging station you’ll need. Our team can then install it for you so that you can power up your vehicle every night at home.

Learn more about our EV Charger installation services >>>

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