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Types of Security Lighting

Security lighting serves two important roles. It can illuminate things clearly so that you can anyone or anything that may be present, and it can work to prevent intruders from coming onto your property. In this overview, we’ll highlight the different types of lighting you can use as security elements.

Interior Lighting

We often think of security lighting as being outdoors. However, don’t forget that you can be strategic about your lighting inside your Eugene, Oregon home. If you set your interior lights to turn on in the evening, it’ll appear like someone is there, even if you’re away. This can be a smart idea if you’re going to be away for multiple days. Otherwise, others might notice that your home is continually dark, making it an easier target for theft. Keep them unaware by having a few lights turn on each evening for a couple of hours. Timers are widely available and easy to program.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is a key component to a security system. Intruders may be less likely to approach your home if it’s well lit. They won’t want to be seen by your Eugene neighbors, and if you have security cameras or happen to be home, you’ll get a better look at anything that gets close. Let’s discuss some types of exterior lights.

Motion-Activated vs. Timed Lights

Some lights are programmed to turn on whenever they detect movement. During other times, they’ll remain off, saving you money on your electric bill. We know that utility bills can be pretty high in Eugene, so every little bit of saving helps. Motion-activated lights can either be battery-operated or hard-wired. The latter may require some skill to put in, and at Excel Electric, we’d be happy to install these lights for you. Many of us are familiar with squirrels and other critters who live in our area. You can adjust the sensitivity so that these small visitors don’t necessarily trigger your security lights.

Timed lights, on the other hand, will turn on for an entire period each day. You can set them to turn on each evening at 9 o’clock, for instance. Or, since it can get dark pretty early in Eugene in the winter, you can change the settings each season.

Landscape Lights, Soffit Lights, and Floodlights

If you’d like to illuminate your driveway or yard, some sort of path light or landscape light would be best. These lights can be placed directly in the soil. They could potentially be hooked up to your electrical system, but many of them are battery-operated. Some use solar panels to charge each day.

Soffit lights would be placed on the overhangs that extend from your roof. These can add to the style of your home and nicely illuminate your doors and windows.

Floodlights can go on soffits or on your exterior walls. They are especially bright, and LEDs are more efficient than their incandescent counterparts.

Consider getting a variety of indoor and outdoor security lighting for your place. Some lights can turn on automatically, while others can be set for different times. Call our team at Excel Electric for assistance.