Electrician is using a digital meter to measure the voltage at the circuit breaker control cabinet on the wall.

Top 6 Signs You Need to Schedule an Electrical Inspection

When you own a home, your electrical system should be maintained over time to ensure it’s operating reliably and doesn’t put your safety at risk. There will come a time when the wires and connections need to be examined to determine if any issues are developing. Here are a few top signs you need an electrical inspection on your property in Eugene, Oregon.

1. Strange Sounds

Your electrical system can start to make strange noises when it’s suffering from issues. You may hear buzzing coming from faulty wires or loose connections, which requires immediate attention to avoid safety hazards. A professional electrician can perform an inspection to diagnose and repair the issue.

2. Blinking Lights

Flickering and blinking lights indicate underlying electrical issues and are rarely due to a problem with the light fixtures. You’ll need to test the circuit and the appliances that use the most energy. If you live in an old home, it’s likely that the blinking lights are due to old wiring and a circuit breaker that isn’t capable of powering modern appliances and electronics.

3. A Tripping Circuit Breaker

Hire a professional from a company like Excel Electric to perform an inspection breaker if your circuit breaker continues to trip. If the circuit breaker is at least 30 to 40 years old, it may be at the end of its lifespan and need to be replaced. A professional electrician can install a new circuit breaker to ensure you’re electrical system is capable of handling the amount of energy that you use in the building each day.

4. Sparks

Many people are surprised to see sparks in their homes with their wiring, which is an electrical hazard and requires immediate attention. The sparks often come from the fuse box or an outlet. Consider shutting off the power until an inspection is performed to avoid electrical fires.

5. Unusual Smells

Your electrical system can cause strange smells to develop near the fuse box or electrical outlets throughout the building. Avoid using any more power and immediately reach out to an electrician.

6. Extension Cords

Due to the number of older homes in Eugene, Oregon, it’s common to have plenty of extension cords in each household. Unfortunately, this isn’t safe and hints there aren’t enough outlets present in the building. An inspection is necessary to determine if additional electrical outlets should be added to avoid tripping and falling over the cords that are present in each room.

Reach out to the experts at Excel Electric in Eugene, Oregon, today to learn more about when it’s time to schedule an electrical inspection. Our professionals will be happy to assist you and answer your questions.