A portable generator, backup power generator around snow after severe winter weather, blizzard and snow storm. Using a mobile generator to provide power after snowy weather.

How Winter Increases Your Need to Hire an Electrician

It is always a good time to hire an electrician, but hiring one before the winter season arrives can save you a lot of money and prevent a lot of stress. For most people in Oregon, winter is a time when your electrical system will be under extra stress because of the cold weather. Many families will be using a heater or furnace to keep the house warm, which can lead to a lot more energy being expended than in other seasons.

The Dangers of Winter Weather

What makes winter a dangerous time for your electrical system is the unpredictability of severe weather. On top of the cold weather, you may also experience things such as snow, freezing rain, sleet, and other harsh weather conditions. This is especially true in a state like Oregon, which has snowfall around the state every winter.

Common Winter Electrical Problems

One of the biggest electrical problems during the winter is unexpected power outages. When dealing with extreme weather conditions such as a snowstorm, a home that doesn’t have a strong electrical system can be more susceptible to losing power. If your electrical system has been evaluated by an electrician and received surge protection services, then it will be much more resilient when facing extreme weather.

Another huge electrical issue that happens during the winter is tripping circuit breakers. Typically, a circuit breaker trips when you have a lot of appliances using electricity at the same time. This means that during the winter when you have your heater or furnace running in addition to your family members watching TV, playing video games, and using other entertainment appliances, this can put a huge strain on your circuit breaker. This is especially true if your circuit breaker isn’t wired properly or is old and not up to date.

Flickering lights are also an electrical issue that you may experience. This could be because you need to replace your light bulbs, or it could be due to bad wiring throughout your home. If the problem is your home’s wiring, then you will need to contact Excel Electric to help improve the wiring of your electrical system.

With the winter season approaching, it is important that you take your electrical system’s maintenance seriously. You don’t want to get caught in a snowstorm and lose power due to an out-of-date electrical system. You need to contact Excel Electric to receive electrical servicing for your circuit breaker, electrical panels, and the other electrical components of your home.