handsome cheerful electrician repairing electrical box and using screwdriver in corridor

Want Your Business to Save Some Money? Try a Commercial Electrician

Every successful business needs a venue that conforms to local codes while being safe and comfortable. A reliable electrical system has a great deal to do with your company’s productivity and the wellbeing of both your customers and employees.

Our commercial electricians at Excel Electric can help your business in Eugene, OR remain profitable. If you see a lot of customer traffic throughout the seasons of the year, a quality electrical system will keep your atmosphere as inviting as possible.

Ensuring Your Building Is Safe and Secure

Because a safe and comfortable environment is one of a company’s most important concerns, your electrical system should always be a top priority. Your employees will work more productively in a setting with good lighting, especially with the many rainy days that Oregon sees.

Regular electrical maintenance and inspections can help you keep a safer environment overall, protecting your patrons and your workforce. When you keep your business compliant with the latest codes and take advantage of technology updates, everyone will see the benefits.

Enjoying More Energy-Efficient Lighting

If your company’s fixtures use incandescent lightbulbs, you are likely paying more for electricity than you should. LED bulbs use about 70 – 80% less energy than their incandescent counterparts.

Let our electricians inspect what you have now and make positive suggestions on a more energy-efficient lighting solution for your business. They can discuss what’s available and probably recommend a system that provides brighter lighting while using less power.

Any appliances that your business uses should also be energy-efficient. However, even the most efficient appliances can underperform with poor wiring, so you will benefit from making sure any wiring your appliances utilize is up to the task.

Scheduling Regular Electrical Maintenance

One important part of controlling your business costs is regular electrical maintenance. Neglecting your maintenance can lead to more expensive problems in the long run that disrupt your daily operations.

Electrical problems resulting from poor maintenance could also lead to equipment failure, which makes everything less safe. In addition, when such issues are left uncorrected, they could cause compliance problems that lead to fines.

Regular maintenance also decreases your chances of having a repair become necessary at a bad time for your company. One situation that any business owner wants to avoid is a costly equipment replacement because they decided to put off repairs.

Why Taking Action Sooner Is Better

The sooner you decide to make these changes, the sooner you can reap the rewards. Saving money by using a commercial electrician may put other improvements within reach that have previously seemed unattainable.

Your business in Eugene will save money by relying on a commercial electrician. Contact Excel Electric today to see how we can help!