Electrical Fire

Common Electrical Issues to Avoid This Winter

Electrical Problems That Can Be Avoided This Winter

In the winter, many of us like to stay cozy at home. For the holidays, you may be hosting friends or family for special dinners, and you may be decorating to get in a more festive mood. While you’re having fun and enjoying the season, be sure to stay safe. Here are some electrical issues that you should try to avoid during the next few months.

Misuse of a Space Heater

Since it can get so cold in the winter, it makes sense that you would want to keep your home warm and toasty. This can make you much more comfortable, and it can make your place feel more welcoming, especially since many winter days can be overcast. Please be careful when using space heaters. They can get very hot, and they cause many house fires in this country every year. Keep your space heater:

  • On a low, flat surface
  • Out of the way of high-traffic areas
  • At least three feet away from flammable items
  • Unplugged when not in use

Also, don’t plug a space heater into an extension cord or power strip. This could overheat the power strip and potentially cause a spark.

Overloading Outlets

In the winter, many locals like to decorate their homes with lights and other items. Plus, you may have slow cookers or other appliances plugged in as you prepare to host guests. When plugging things in, don’t overload your outlets. Creating a chain of extension cords or power strips is something that you should never do. This can cause an outlet to overheat and can lead to an increased risk of an electrical fire.

Using Old Wiring

Old outlets and circuit breakers can be riskier to use because they’re more likely to have loose connections and damaged wiring. If you want to be sure that your electrical system can handle everything this winter, you can reach out to a professional. An electrician can inspect your system and replace any older outlets or breakers with new ones, if necessary.

Using Indoor Products Outside

Our last point has to do with using indoor electrical items outdoors. Indoor lights and other pieces of decor have not been designed to withstand the elements. If they’re used outside, it’s likely that water could damage your items, especially given our rainy winter weather. Another scenario involves water getting inside the wiring and actually conducting electricity. This could lead to someone getting shocked, or it could lead to sparks and potentially a fire.

Here to Help Local Customers

Keeping all of this information in mind can help you stay safe this winter and reduce any risks. Feel free to reach out to our team at Excel Electric with any questions, and call if you’d like to set up an appointment for electrical services at your place in Eugene, OR.