Everything You Need To Know About Electric Fireplaces

Many homeowners in the area are excited to have the option to add a fireplace to their house, condo, or apartment. Electric fireplaces make the installation process far less complex and destructive than adding a traditional wood-burning option, and they are much easier to use. If you are thinking about this stylish and functional upgrade, we have all the information and tips you need to get the project started.

The Benefits Of An Electric Fireplace

Just in case you are not entirely sold on the idea of electric versus a more conventional wood-burning fireplace, let’s take a look at the advantages of going electric:

  • Instant Enjoyment Anytime- flip a switch or push a button to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of an electric fireplace. There is never any hassle cutting wood or struggling to get the fire lit.
  • Instant Safety- again, flip a switch or push a button to turn off the fireplace when you are ready for bed or headed out of the house. And you never need to worry about rogue embers or residual heat starting a fire in your home.
  • No Mess To Clean Up- unlike the debris created by a log fire, your electric fireplace is the perfect addition to your home that never makes a mess or needs to be scrubbed clean. Just keep the front cover dust-free, and it will always look neat and tidy.
  • Minimal Operating Cost- the price of firewood and its availability can make enjoying a fire a costly and arduous task. But your electric fireplace is estimated to cost only around eighteen cents per hour to operate.

Your Installation Choices

You have many choices for the location and installation of your electric fireplace. From a wall-mounted unit to one inserted into an existing wood-burning fireplace, there are many choices. In addition, these units can be hard-wired into your home’s electrical system or plugged into an existing outlet. However, if you are not sure about a mounting or installation location or need the unit hard-wired, it is critical that you only hire a licensed electrician to complete the work. Hiring a professional is the only way to ensure that the project meets all local codes and does not compromise your home’s safety.

Electric Fireplace Safety Tips

Electrical safety should always be a consideration when adding an electric fireplace to your home. Many units offer exceptional safety features like automatic shut-off timers and heat or temperature settings. However, the most critical safety feature for homeowners to understand is that no electric fireplace should ever be plugged into an extension cord. These units are only safe when plugged directly into an outlet or hard wired to the house electric by a licensed electrician.

Think Outside The Box

When looking for a unique and attractive way to heat a space in your home, think about using an electric fireplace. These features can be as traditional or modern as you like ranging from faux logs to glass beads and color-changing features to add even more interest. And the simple installation makes them ideal for adding heat to a new man cave or she-shed, a converted attic or basement living space, or even a new enclosed patio space. For a fraction of the cost of extending your HVAC system to a newly created space, you can have the necessary warmth for year-round use. And nothing will add as much interest and style as an electric fireplace.

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