The Benefits Of Professional Camera Installation

When homeowners are looking for affordable ways to increase the security around their homes, video cameras are often one of the first options they explore. A professionally installed camera system offers far more benefits than just the single image from a doorbell camera, without the high cost of a monitored system from a security company. In addition, you have access to each camera from your phone to see everything that is happening around your home.

Impenetrable Security

After years of working with homeowners like yourself, professional electricians understand what homeowners want and expect from their residential camera systems. A complete view of the house’s exterior, a camera to cover vehicles in the driveway, and even views of the street and perimeter of the yard are all valuable. In addition, knowing that no one can approach your house without being captured on a video recording provides an incredible sense of security for you and your family.

Placement Is Critical

Even a tiny space that is not visible from your camera system can lead to a break-in. For that reason, professional installation is a priceless benefit. First, trained electricians evaluate the exterior of your home to determine where cameras need to be located to provide full coverage. Then the cameras are skillfully installed out of reach of anyone walking around your house. This vital step eliminates the possibility of vandalism or tampering that might render the cameras useless. You can even point out areas that you would like additional coverage, such as a dog run or storage shed.

The Drawbacks Of DIY Installation

The first thing to consider when you are thinking about installing your own camera system is the location of the cameras. To ensure that they are out of reach of anyone who might tamper with them, the cameras need to be installed well above the ground. That means you will need to complete the installation while up on a ladder. This is a deal-breaker for many homeowners. Working on a ladder means too much risk of an injury.

Second, not all cameras are as simple to install as you might think. You will need to mount brackets and possibly even access electrical wiring for some components. Unless you are relatively handy, you could be damaging the exterior of your home, creating leaks in your roof, or damaging electrical wires. All of these are going to be expensive issues to have professionally repaired. The better investment is a professional installation that is backed by a full warranty.

Choosing A Team You Can Trust

If you are adding video cameras to your home, your desire is to achieve added security. So that means you will want to know you can trust the team who is installing the equipment and has had access to your home. When you call (541) 234-8864, you will only be working with the trusted team of licensed electricians at Excel Electric. These are the same experts whom you trust to repair electrical and help you out with renovations and upgrades around your house. You have trusted them for years with your home’s electrical safety. And you know that they will do an equally professional job when you entrust them with your camera installation.

Cameras around your home offer peace of mind when you are at home with your loved ones and even when you can’t be there with them. You have remote access to see what is making that noise outside or who is walking up the sidewalk to your front door. And with professional installation from the team at Excel Electric, you know that the job is don’t right.