Affordable Convenience And Safety From A Video Doorbell

Residents throughout are eager to have a video doorbell installed for added security and safety. Every day there are stories on the news about porch pirates stealing packages delivered to houses across the country. And even worse are the brazen criminals who actually knock on your door before breaking into your home or storming in when you answer the door. However, when criminals see a video doorbell, they are less likely to target you or your home and leave video evidence behind.

Conveniences You Never Imagined

With more and more people working from home, it can be challenging to get anything done when interrupted to answer the door. But with a video doorbell, you can glance at your phone and know if you need to answer the door or if you can ignore it. In addition, the motion sensors and video messaging are great to alert you of a delivery when you are home or away.

Added Safety

Even the safest communities are experiencing more break-ins and crime. Having a video doorbell is the best way to know who is knocking on your door and if you should even consider opening the door. In addition, we all know that criminals are opportunistic and only want to take advantage of the easy marks. Therefore, when they notice a video doorbell, they are very likely to move on to your neighbor’s house and not even both are trying to scam you. Finally, when a crime is committed in your neighborhood, your video doorbell could record important images or videos of the criminals that will help get them convicted of their offense.

What To Look For When Selecting A Video Doorbell

The most important feature to consider when shopping for a video doorbell is compatibility. If you are using other Smart home tools or have an existing hub, be sure that your new doorbell will work with your current equipment. Next, think about the added features you want to enjoy. Will you be streaming video when you are away to monitor your property? Do you want to be able to have clear images at night? Are you interested in a motion sensor that will automatically record any movement around your home or front door? All of these features and more are offered by many of the highest quality video doorbell manufacturers.

Installation And Service

Installing a quality video doorbell takes a little more time and skill than mounting a basic battery-powered model. Most versatile video models use the existing power from your current doorbell to operate the camera and Wi-Fi functions. So to begin the installation, you will need to know which circuit powers your doorbell. Then, with that circuit powered off, you can start the installation process.

If you are uncomfortable working with these electrical wires, it is best to call a licensed electrician to complete the installation. In addition, if you are upgrading to a new video doorbell because your old doorbell was not working, there could be an electrical issue. In most cases, the wiring is bad, and your electrical pro will need to locate the problem and repair it to ensure that your new video doorbell functions correctly and reliably.

A video doorbell is an excellent choice for a very affordable solution to added safety and security around your home. Call (541) 234-8864 for professional installation and service from the Excel Electric team. We offer free estimates for every job and a complete warranty on all of our work. And our extended hours of service make it easy to schedule at a time that works for your schedule.