Fire insurance, concept. An electrical outlet that is burnt after short circuit and may cause a fire at home.

A Brief Guide to Electrical Preventive Maintenance

Electricity is essential to any home and business, but it often goes unnoticed until something goes wrong. The modern world is full of fixtures with wires, plugs, and cords that twist together to run appliances, electronic equipment, and lighting for homes, buildings, and parking lots. It’s a complicated system requiring careful maintenance to run smoothly.

A trained and experienced maintenance professional is essential for a safe and efficient system. They can perform annual inspection and maintenance tasks, such as installing and maintaining timers, switches, and fluorescent lighting fixtures. They can even test fuses and circuit breakers to ensure they are working correctly.

What Is Electrical Preventive Maintenance?

Electrical preventive maintenance is the process of inspecting electrical wiring and components, such as switches and outlets, using specialized tools to ensure they are working properly. A trained professional will also check that all circuits are up to code.

A full preventive service inspection will also include inspecting thermostats, smoke detectors, heaters, and all other electrical appliances. The purpose is to provide basic electrical protection for your home or business by testing for available faults on each circuit to evaluate their condition.

How Is Electrical Preventive Maintenance Conducted?

To perform a complete electrical preventive maintenance inspection and repair, an electrician will use a combination of electrical gauges, voltage meters, testing mechanisms, and other devices to run tests on each circuit, determine the condition of all components installed in each outlet or switch panel, and inspect all wires that connect to each fixture.

Common problems include loose connections, wires, or expanders pulled from their housing; exposed wiring with possible damage from animals or insects; and incorrect wiring not installed in accordance with electrical codes. After the inspection, the electrician will provide you with a detailed report of all identified problems and recommend repair or replacement.

Benefits of Electrical Preventive Maintenance

By performing this task annually, you significantly reduce the chances of an electrical fire or other hazard. The electrician will spot any problems and fix them to ensure the system continues functioning in accordance with safety regulations. Preventive maintenance also protects your family by improving the effectiveness of your home’s circuit breakers. Local building codes demand that you do basic preventative maintenance to ensure the safety of your family, guests, and employees.
It also improves the efficiency and performance of your equipment. Your appliances, lighting, heating, and cooling systems will run more effectively when they work correctly, thanks to a functioning electrical system. An inspection will provide an excellent opportunity for the electrician to observe the condition of your electrical system, determine any issues or deficiencies in the work previously performed, review safety concerns with you, and point out any deficiencies that could pose a potential risk.

Electrocution is a serious risk to the lives of both children and adults. Always use a certified electrician and ensure they follow all local codes. Don’t let your home or business become a casualty. If you need electrical preventive maintenance services, contact Excel Electric in Eugene, OR today.