Residential generator

Your Complete Guide to Generator Repairs

Residential and commercial generators can develop a range of issues from low fuel efficiency to strange, disruptive noises. When these systems malfunction, they cause inconvenience and disrupt your household’s schedule. Fortunately, you can rely on a professional electrician to troubleshoot the problem and prevent a full breakdown. It’s always safer to leave your electrical repairs to a trained expert rather than risk accidental electrocution. Here’s everything you need to know about generator repair services.

Signs That You Need Repairs

Generators are complex machines that are prone to developing starting issues where they can’t turn on or take too long to activate. This usually links to battery issues, a compromised starter motor or blocked fuel filters. Overheating occurs when the generator is overworked and can’t internally cool itself down. Problems with the fuel injection system or carburetor often result in low efficiency.

Make sure to listen for strange knocking, banging, rattling or whining sounds. Additionally, visible smoke or burning odors could point to leaking oil or an electrical problem. Noticeable changes in how the system functions could mean it’s no longer safe to run.

The Generator Repair Process

When you request a repair appointment, your electrician will arrive at your home ready to examine your system. They’ll check its utility power as well as its frequency and voltage levels. Depending on the scope of your issue, they may need to survey the fuel lines or filter.

After the expert pinpoints the problem, they’ll provide you with a detailed estimate or quote. This will include the average time of the repair, any necessary replacement components and the cost. Most common generator issues can be corrected within a few hours as long as the electrician has access to the right parts.

Professional Repair Benefits

Professional generator experts have the training and expertise to work with all major brands and models. They’re experienced in safely handling live electrical currents. You can also rely on them to come equipped with the latest tools and equipment in the industry.

Repairing a generator is never recommended as a do-it-yourself project. When you trust an expert, you’re saving time and money by limiting future issues. Professionals always guarantee high-quality, effective results that restore the generator’s safety and convenience. Many repair companies also offer beneficial workmanship warranties and satisfaction guarantees.

When faced with power outages or extreme storms, you need an efficient generator to keep your home’s lights on. The electrician team at Excel Electric can skillfully repair both portable and automatic generators. Contact Excel Electric today to ask for more information about our exceptional generator services in Eugene, OR.