The Electrical Needs Of Your New Outdoor Kitchen

Do you love almost everything about your Eugene home, from the location to its distinctive charm? If only the kitchen were a bit larger, it would be perfect. However, the cost to enlarge a kitchen can be astronomical. A more cost-effective option for many is to create a super functional and fun outdoor kitchen. But before you begin picking out the finishes and features, it is essential that you have a handle on the electrical service needed to have a safe and functional outdoor kitchen.

Starting With A Strong Foundation

The ideal starting point for planning your new outdoor kitchen is a meeting with the pros at Excel Electric. Our licensed electricians will be able to guide you through the planning process and let you know what to expect as you apply for permits and begin to move forward with the construction process. In addition, most cities will require an electrical safety inspection and various electrical inspections throughout the construction process that our team will handle.

Planning The Layout

The size and shape of your new outdoor kitchen are essential in moving forward with planning for your electrical needs. Be sure to think about the various uses for the space, from preparing daily meals to functioning as party central for BBQs or tailgating. Also, consider features that could be essential to extend the use of this space, such as a mister system or heaters. Once the footprint and use cases are defined, it is time to get down to the actual layout.

Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Every kitchen needs some appliances, from refrigerators and ice machines to a great cook surface or two. The popular outdoor cooking method is a BBQ, but rest assured, our experts can also prewire for a great convection oven, microwave, or other stove options. In addition, plan for numerous small electric appliances from blenders and mixers to entertainment devices. After a year of enjoying a new space, no one ever came back to Excel Electric and said they wish they had not added so many electrical outlets. Unfortunately, some do wish for more. So be generous when it comes to locating outlets, USB chargers, and other features for future use.

Understand The Added Safety Of GFCI Outlets

Electrical code requires GFCI, ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, in moist areas like the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room in your home. In addition, they are essential for all outdoor electrical applications for added safety. These devices will shut off the electricity when they detect an imbalance or surge, which prevents electrical shocks and other life-threatening hazards. So be sure that you include only GFCI outlets in your outdoor living spaces, even when you think they are a safe distance from moisture. The added precaution is well worth the cost of safety outlets.

When you begin planning your dream outdoor kitchen, call (541) 234-8864 to speak to the licensed electricians at Excel Electric. Our team will help you create a functional and safe space that you will enjoy for many years.