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Spring Care and Security Lighting

Residential and business security lighting requires periodic maintenance to comply with the relevant city, state and federal regulations. However, this work is also essential to keep the system functioning at its best. Neglected security lighting systems can malfunction if you wait too long. Spring is an excellent time of year to get this job done right. This electrical maintenance work for outdoor security lighting should always be performed by a licensed electrician.

Steps for Spring Care

Spring care might include inspecting and cleaning all light fixtures on the security lighting system. There might be an accumulation of debris and dirt, which can develop over time. Spring cleaning these fixtures will ensure that the performance of the security lighting system isn’t hindered by these small particles of dust and debris.

Any inspection of your security lighting system should include a thorough review of the motion sensors. The sensitivity settings on the system might need to be adjusted, so the electrician will inspect, monitor and adjust these sensors as needed while cleaning them.

Adjustments for Safety

Motion sensors have settings that might need to be adjusted from time to time. This is part of the regular maintenance necessary to keep your system performing under all conditions.

Various natural events can interrupt the capacity of the security lighting system to respond. They might include things like falling or swaying branches. If the wiring is suddenly jarred out of place, some of the components in the lighting system could be damaged. Routine inspections and cleaning will help the electrician to detect and repair any damaged parts of the lighting system.

Outdoor lighting systems require regular inspections to make sure all connections, wiring and fixtures are working properly. This will maintain the safety and performance of the outdoor security lighting system. During the inspection, signs of corrosion or damage can be detected.

Maintenance for Outdoor Lighting Systems

Natural events often contribute to this wear and tear, so the inspection should be done as a part of regularly scheduled maintenance. This will reduce the chances of setting off the motion sensor because it gives the electrician a chance to inspect and adjust the settings, if necessary. During these checks, items like bulbs, photocells and worn-out components can be replaced to promote the proper performance of your system. Enjoy the peace of mind and protection a well-maintained outdoor security lighting system can provide.

Spring care for security lighting includes a range of electrical tasks that should only be performed by a skilled electrician with the proper credentials. Our exceptional team can provide you all the maintenance services you need for your outdoor security lighting system, so contact the professionals at Excel Electric in Eugene, OR.