Making Your Home Office More Functional And Safe

Many residents have spent the last year-plus working from home in a ramshackle office that was once a dining table or a guest bedroom. At first, the space seemed like a great option and the perfect solution to issues outside of your control. But as the weeks turned to months, you discovered that your home office was not really as comfortable and functional as you hoped. And even though you save tons of time commuting, you would appreciate all the form and functions of a real office space. So why not invest a little money and time to create that functional space you need in your home?

What Makes An Office Space Function?

Your needs from your office space will vary, depending on your job. But there are a few items that every workspace needs to make you productive and avoid health concerns like eye strain and improper posture. One of the first items to address is the proper electrical supply. The next is access to the Internet. Both of these are issues you might not have the skills to provide, but a licensed electrician can get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.

Eliminating The Extension Cords

An extension cord is only meant to be a temporary solution. And when you threw together your home office, you most likely thought you would be back at your real office in just a few weeks. But as time slid past, you found that you needed to add more equipment and tools to keep working from home. Soon, your floor looked like an old-time roadmap with lines zigzagging back and forth everywhere.

You probably also discovered that a typical bedroom does not offer enough outlets for all the equipment, lights, and other gadgets that you needed to plug in. So power strips came to the rescue. But now you find that when your three in one printer is making a copy, the desk light dims. This is a sign that you have overloaded the circuit in the space and could be at risk for an electrical fire.

The solution to this madness is a visit from a licensed electrician to add a few additional outlets to the space that will become a grown-up office. And if you are plugging in costly electronic devices and computers, you might want to consider a dedicated circuit with added surge protection to ensure the safety of your technology.

Old Tech Can Be The Best

Almost every home in your area is sure to have a wireless network. Gone are the days of running cables to connect your devise and TV to the world wide web. If it is good enough for the devices at your office, then it should be fine at home too. However, the office is sure to have more security and tech guys guarding your wireless network than you employ at home. All you need to do is look at all the networks you can access around your home, from Bee Bopping Bills to the FBI Surveillance Truck 235, to know that security is not a genuine priority.

So when it comes to your work,  going back to old school, hard wiring is an added layer of security that you can employ at home. Your electrician can quickly and affordably run CAT5 cable and a wall receptacle to your new office space to add safety and security. Call (541) 234-8864 for help with all of your electrical needs when creating a functional, safe and secure workspace in your home. Our pros provide free, no-obligation price quotes and a full warranty backs all our work.