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Electrical Fire Prevention Tips Every Homeowner Should Know and Follow

Many of us remember the wildfire that swept through Eugene, OR back in 2020 destroying more than 500 homes. Although an electrical fire normally attacks only one home, it can be just as deadly. Electrical fires are extremely dangerous, and they can spread very quickly. To avoid that sort of disaster, you must follow the electrical fire prevention tips outlined below.

Replace Any Older Heating Appliances

If you have any appliances that are designed to heat your home and you notice they are shorting out or malfunctioning in some other way, it is time to replace them. Continuing to use them when problems are present puts your home at risk of being damaged or destroyed by an electrical fire.

Do Not Use Loose Outlets

When you are plugging in and unplugging electronics and appliances, if you notice that your outlets move, stop using them immediately. You must call a professional electrician to fix your outlets before using them again. Using loose outlets is a safety hazard.

Avoid Using Light Switches or Outlets That Are Warm to the Touch

Outlets and light switches must never radiate heat. If you notice that your outlets or light switches are warm to the touch, avoid using them and call a licensed electrician to evaluate and fix the problem. When a light switch or outlet is giving off heat, this can mean that connections are loose.

Never Plug in Electronics With Frayed or Worn-Out Cords

If you notice that cords on your electronics or appliances are frayed or worn, refrain from plugging them into an outlet. Plugging in devices with frayed cords can cause a fire. If you notice any cords are badly worn, replace them. If replacing the chords is not something that can be done, replace the affected device.

Update the Wiring in Your Home If Needed

If your home is older than 20 years of age, it is a good idea to have a licensed electrician come and inspect your electrical wiring to see if it needs to be updated. Old and faulty wiring is the source of numerous electrical fires. Many older homes contain aluminum wiring, and this type of wiring is prone to break down faster than its copper counterpart. When deterioration occurs, there is a danger of electrical shorts that can lead to fires. A licensed electrician will help you determine if any updates are necessary to ensure code compliance and optimal safety.

Remove Anything With a Cloth-Covered Cord From Your Home

If you have older appliances or electronics that have cloth-covered cords, stop using them immediately. Such appliances and electronics do not meet current safety standards, and they are at risk of overheating.

Avoid Running Cords Across High-Traffic Areas

It is essential that you avoid running cords across high-traffic areas. Not only is there a risk of tripping and falling, but the cords can also get yanked, damaging both the cord and the outlet. When damage to the cord or the outlet occurs, it can lead to an electrical fire.

If you want to make sure your electrical system is safe, contact Excel Electric today. We will perform a thorough inspection and help you mitigate any hazards that we find.