Baby toddler reaches into the electrical outlet on the home wall with his hand. Danger and protection of child fingers from electric shock

Babyproof Your Appliances This Spring

When the rains come in Eugene, OR, you’ll find yourself cleaning up a lot more. Due to the damp weather in Eugene, homes often have mold problems, and you’ll need to do some spring cleaning to get rid of the mold. You’ll also want to update your electrical panels to avoid electrical problems. However, if you have a toddler or baby in your home, there are other issues you should be aware of. Babyproofing your home and your appliances should take center stage so that you can avoid any deadly accidents. Here are the appliances you’ll want to babyproof.


Make sure to install knob covers or locks on your knobs. Toddlers who can reach up will, no doubt, be attracted to the knobs and will want to turn them off and on. If your toddler manages to turn the knob without igniting the stove, then gas will be released. If you’re not in the kitchen to witness your toddler messing around, you may not realize there’s gas coming from the stove. This could have deadly results.

You should also use an oven lock so that curious hands can’t open it. If you’re cooking a turkey for four hours or more, for example, you don’t want your children sticking their hands into a hot oven.

If you use your stove a lot to cook, a stove guard is a worthwhile investment. A stove guard creates a barrier at the edge of the stove so that when toddlers reach up to touch a pot, their hands will touch the plastic stove guard instead.


You may be surprised at how many things in your fridge can get your toddler sick. There may be hot spices, beer, onions, and more. Any of these can result in an upset stomach, diarrhea, or even vomiting. To keep your little one out of the refrigerator, install a childproof locking device. This way, while you’re busy preparing dinner or even taking a shower, you’ll know your children aren’t putting strange things into their mouths. Options include magnetic locks, child safety strap locks, latch catch locks, and lock combination locks. Another option, of course, is to simply install a baby gate at the kitchen door to keep your toddler away from the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and all your cleaning chemicals.


Knives and forks are extremely dangerous to have around children. So, when you’re doing dishes, make sure to keep your toddler away from your dishwasher. Letting your toddler have easy access to your knives is a scary thought. But, it’s not just the knives and forks. If your toddler opens up the dishwasher, picks up a glass, drops it, and then steps on the broken glass, you may need to make a visit to the hospital. To avoid these disasters, get a child safety locking strap for your dishwasher. You can also get knob covers, so your toddler doesn’t accidentally start a cycle without your knowledge.

Washer and Dryer

Toddlers love to climb into things and explore, and your washer/dryer unit is no exception. However, children can die from a lack of oxygen if they get trapped in there. If you’re cooking or working in your home office, you may not even realize that your toddler has run off to explore the nooks and crannies of your home. The best way to keep your children away from your washer/dryer unit is to install a childproof safety lock.

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