Are Flickering Lights Dangerous?

Ask anyone in Eugene, and they will tell you that flickering lights are more than just a little annoying. But what they are not aware of, is that those flickering lights can signify a severe electrical problem in your home. And if left uncorrected, it could lead to an electrical fire or life-threatening electrical shock.

Flickering Lights And Fire

The most common cause of an electrical fire in a residence is a loose electrical wire. And that loose wire often caused a light to flicker long before the fire started. If all homeowners who discovered a flickering light called a licensed electrician, there would be many fewer tragedies in the country each year due to electrical fires. In addition, it is crucial to understand that no one but a licensed electrician should ever be summoned to work on an electrical issue. A handyman does not have the training necessary to diagnose and repair electrical problems safely and to code.

Voltage Fluctuation And Overloads

In some cases, you will notice that lights flicker when a high-demand appliance turns on. It could be the refrigerator or air conditioner that makes a light dim or flicker. This is an indication of an overloaded electrical circuit or your home’s entire electrical supply. And it is alerting you to a potentially dangerous situation. When the circuit is overloaded, the increased heat can exceed the safety rating of the wire and other components and start a fire. The critical message is never to ignore a flickering light.

If your light flickers when an appliance turns on but then continues after the device is off, the issue could be voltage fluctuation. Typically a home is powered with 120-volt service. The flickering lights are an indication that the voltage is not remaining constant at 120. And the outcome can be both dangerous and costly. Calling a licensed electrician is the only way to determine what is causing the lights to flicker and creating an electrical hazard in your home.

Only A Single Flickering Light

If you have only a single flickering light, there is a good possibility that the issue is in the light fixture or bulb. First, check the bulb to ensure that it is completely screwed into the socket. If the bulb is tight, replace it to see if the fixture is the issue. If the new bulb flickers in the fixture, the problem is either the lamp or the outlet. Try another light in the outlet to see if it flickers. If it does, call a licensed electrician for a repair before there is a fire. If the new lamp works well in the outlet, you know that the issue is in the wiring for the original light. Have it rewired before using it again to eliminate the hazard.

Safety Should Always Come First

When you discover an electrical issue in your home, never try to figure it out independently. There are too many bad outcomes for this to be a good option. For example, you could receive a severe electrical shock or burn, damage the electrical system in your home, or destroy electrical devices and appliances connected to your home’s electrical service. All of these are going to make the situation worse and more costly to correct.

The licensed electricians at Excel Electric are here 24/7 to assist with any electrical concern or emergency. Just call (541) 234-8864 and know that a licensed electrician will be at your home quickly to locate the problem and provide you with a free price quote for any necessary repairs. And rest assured, all our work is backed by a full warranty and our years of expertise in the electrical industry.