Outdoor lamp on yard lawn

6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Summer Nights

Summer is a time when we spend more time enjoying our outdoor spaces. Not only are the days long and warm, but enjoying a beautiful summer evening can be fun too. Whether you want to throw a big backyard party or set the mood for something smaller, these six creative lighting tips will help you transform your outdoor spaces to get the most out of those summer nights.

1. Pathway Lights

It’s essential that your pathways are well-lit for safety when you or guests are walking around your outdoor spaces. Use a series of knee-high or lower lights on either side to make the path glow while keeping the light out of people’s eyes. This provides a dramatic effect that is both functional and looks amazing.

2. Party Time

Hosting a summer evening party in your backyard is a blast but requires sufficient lighting. Use brighter focal lights in areas where food and drink stations will be located. These can be colored lights for added fun. For atmosphere, string a good amount of fairy lights or festoon lights over the main party area.

3. Cozy and Relaxing

If you want a backyard that is a cozy place for you and your family to relax, use subtle, warm lighting. Place some spotlights to highlight primary focal points and features of your outdoor space like a statue or a beautiful tree. String a few fairy lights along the fence or between trees for an added glow.

4. Water Fun

If you have a pool and plan to get the most out of it during beautiful summer nights, place lights for both safety and ambiance. Underwater lights will provide a stunning glow to the water. Spotlights can show off key features like a diving board or waterfall. Lanterns or string lights can be used around the perimeter of the pool area to make the space appear welcoming.

5. Romantic Space

For a romantic experience, use soft and warm lighting in key areas. Colored lights are a great way to make the space feel more intimate. Incorporate some fairy lights and outdoor electric candles to finish off a romantic atmosphere.

6. Glowing Garden

If you take pride in the flowers and plants in your garden area, don’t be afraid to use lighting to highlight your hard work. The strategic placement of ground-level lights can display your garden’s charm. If you want to be more whimsical, color-changing lights will give your garden a magical appearance at night.

There are many different lighting choices for your outdoor spaces. Which outdoor lighting decor you choose depends entirely on how you plan to use the exterior areas around your home the most. Follow these tips to inspire the lighting design of your outdoor spaces. If you live in Eugene, OR and need lighting services, contact Excel Electric today.